Anticipatory action through dance and song

Many of the world’s disasters are foreseeable, and the science used to forecast them is increasingly reliable, enabling actors to put in place the actions and financing required to act before a disaster hits. Anticipatory action approaches are now being implemented in over 60 countries by the Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) network, UN and NGOs, with growing evidence, investment and political commitment for scaling up and mainstreaming into national Disaster Risk Management systems. 

The anticipatory action community is steadily growing, with over 93 partners of the Anticipation Hub who are facilitating knowledge exchange learning and advocacy. To advance learning and exchange, the Anticipation Hub continues to find innovative and creative ways to promote the anticipatory action concept, including through serious games, art, cartoon-infused sessions, and more.

The Anticipation Dance is an innovative, intensely interactive and participatory approach for raising awareness about the value of linking early warnings with early action for Disaster Risk Reduction. The Anticipation Dance was developed in collaboration with professional choreographers, musicians, dancers, anticipatory action experts, and other partners.

During this Ignite Stage performance, Anticipation Hub partners will dance along to the Anticipation Dance, inviting the audience to join in. The experience will inspire new actors to understand, engage with, and advocate for anticipatory action as part of disaster risk reduction through the energetic and embodied dance experience.

The power of song and music for effective early warning communication will be further emphasised, through a traditional performance by Yoppi Andre, sharing about the local wisdom of the Smong through Nandong & Nafi-Nafi. Many credit traditional storytelling practices on Simeulue Island in Aceh with saving the lives of thousands of people in 2004 and 2005 when tsunamis, known locally as “Smong”, struck the coast. Stories passed down through generations warned that one should run to higher ground when the ocean recedes.


Speaker: Lydia Cumiskey

Anticipation Hub


26 May 2022
14:45 - 15:00 (Bali UTC+8)


Taman Jepun
BNDCC 1-Ground Floor

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