How should we address disaster vulnerability at the global and regional levels?

This presentation discusses a Vulnerability Index that gesticulates a common approach at the global level while supporting regional and country-level vulnerability efforts by governments and the UN. To date there is a UNDP Multidimensional Vulnerability Index developed for Small Island States. It offers guidance for discussion which could inform other UN regions—perhaps aiding in the development of regional Vulnerability Indexes. A regional approach would recognise the different levels of development and the geographical challenges of those countries. From there, a Global Vulnerability Index could be aggregated from common elements within the regional Indexes.

Some of the questions highlighted in this presentation are: What would be the dimensions of vulnerability that should be considered? How can a process ensure that all the vulnerable groups are included in developing such Indexes? What data sources do we have? What ones might we need? How can benchmarking help countries to share their approaches and learn from each other? How can this help identify policies and approaches that can build resilience in communities and in vulnerable groups?


Speaker: Kristen Downs

Scientific and Technological Major Group, International Science Council (ISC) and UNC Water Institute


26 May 2022
10:30 - 10:45 (Bali UTC+8)


Taman Jepun
BNDCC 1-Ground Floor

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