Women Leadership in Implementation of the Sendai Framework

Women Major Group is one of the UNDRR’s 17 stakeholder constituencies that works to mobilize and support women’s engagement in the UNDRR processes and ensure policies and decisions center realities and agency of women and girls in all their diversities and alter relations of power to end structural inequalities which exacerbate vulnerability. The 7th global platform is the first UNDRR in-person gathering since the pandemic and the last before the midterm review of the Sendai framework. The Women Major Group is taking the opportunity, to convene members of the constituency, partners, and allies to reflect and strategize toward Sendai midterm review.

The women’s major group at UNDRR aims to host this session to reconnect with constituency members, partners, and, allies during the 7th Global platform in Bali by the reflecting on the realities of women in disasters and their engagement in the policy process while strategizing and developing a concrete yearlong plans towards Sendai midterm reviews.

Session objectives

The session is designed to deliver

  • A comprehensive position paper of the Women Major Group with policy and programme demands for GPDRR and Sendai Review Process to consider
  • An engagement plan of the Women Major Group in Sendai midterm review


  • Mwanahamisi Singano, Global policy lead - WEDO


  • Farah Kabir, Country Director, ActionAid Bangladesh
  • Lori Johnston, indigenous leader,
  • Prof. Bertha Cecilia Garcia -Titular Researcher National University of Tumbes

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The world continues to be ravaged by disasters. The economic, human, and environmental costs of disasters continue to rise across the world. The least developing countries and communities at the periphery of power—with limited or no resources to respond to and recover from disasters—carry the disproportionate burden of the impacts. Disaster robs dignity, erodes development gains and pushes people and communities into systemic cycles of poverty. Disasters exacerbate the systemic inequalities and human rights violations faced by women and girls. Yet, according to the GP2019 co-chair summary report, “the commitments towards the inclusive approach to disaster risk reduction have not yet sufficiently translated into action.”

Session guiding questions

  1. What are the impacts of disaster on women and girls?
  2. What role do women play in their communities to build resilience and reduce disaster risks?
  3. To what extent women and girls are engaged in the DRR policy processes and implementation programs?
  4. What should Women Major Group at DRR do to effectively engage and influence the midterm review of the Sendai framework.
concept of empowerment, village lifestyle and leadership


23 May 2022
14:00 - 15:30 (Bali UTC+8)


Bandung Room
BICC First Floor

Online access


Open to those registered for the conference


International sign


Mwanahamisi Singano, mwanahamisi@wedo.org

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