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The seventh session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GP2022) will be organized and convened by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) from 23 to 28 May 2022, in Bali, Indonesia, hosted by the Government of Indonesia. The event will be co-chaired by the Government of Indonesia and UNDRR.

UNDRR is pleased to launch the process for submitting Official Statements, which form an integral part of the GP2022 Official Programme. Member States and representatives of stakeholder groups, such as the United Nations, international or regional organizations, are invited to provide prerecorded or written statements focusing on progress made in disaster risk reduction and best practices of the country or the organization they represent.

The GP2022 represents an important opportunity to take stock of progress and challenges in reducing disaster risk, and to identify good practices to accelerate the implementation of the Sendai Framework at local, national, regional and global level. Furthermore, taking place at half-way of the agreed timeline to reach the Sendai Framework targets in 2030, the GP2022 will serve as a milestone for governments, stakeholders, and the UN system to reconfirm and advance their commitments in disaster risk reduction.

How to submit a statement

GP2022 Official Statements are submitted via the GP2022 website Official Statement form [the form has now closed]. Written statements can be submitted to UNDRR between 1 March and 28 May 2022.

Delegations are encouraged to submit their statements as soon as possible. Statements submitted at the latest by 1 May 2022 will be available on the website by 23 May 2022. Statements submitted after this may only be available on the GP2022 website after 29 May.

Please note that only persons authorized to speak on behalf of a specific Member State, stakeholder group, international or regional organizations, can submit a statement. UNDRR will liaise with the person submitting the statement in unclear cases to confirm identity and

For detailed information on how to prepare the Official Statement please refer to the Official Statements Guidance Note.

Guiding questions

Member States and representatives of stakeholder groups, such as the United Nations, international or regional organizations, are invited to consider the following questions when preparing their statements:

  • Where does your country/organization stand? Are you on track to reach the expected outcomes, goals, and targets of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction by 2030? Which are the key areas of progress and success, and which are the areas where concerted attention is needed?
  • What good practices exist? In which areas is the implementation of national and local strategies and plans for disaster risk reduction yielding results? Are you achieving synergies with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and other global policy processes, ensuring that no one is left behind?
  • How do we work together? How can we strengthen existing, and forge new networks and partnerships on disaster risk reduction?
  • How do we accelerate progress? What are the foremost priorities for action towards 2030? Are there any specific commitments or announcements your country/organization would like to make?

Further Information

For any questions on GP2022, please refer to the GP2022 website and Help section.
For further questions on GP2022, please contact the GP2022 Secretariat at
For questions on GP2022 Official Statements, please contact

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