Why cover the GP2022?

The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GP2022) brings together the world’s best minds on disaster risk reduction and the most senior officials in charge of mitigating disasters. Moreover, it is an opportunity for countries and organizations to share good practices and exchange ideas on how to address challenges in light of increasing risks in a complex world. Journalists from around the globe are welcome to register and attend the Global Platform, both to learn about the latest issues in DRR and to share what they learn with their audiences.
The GP2022 will include ministerial sessions and there will be an onsite media center for use by journalists. Accredited journalists will also be invited to attend briefings by experts, a closing summary session and will have the chance to participate in media visits.

How to cover the GP2022?

Registration is open for both in-person and virtual attendance, but you must register by 15 April 2022.
Simply select “GP2022 Media Registration” when you enter the registration portal. Please note that on-site accreditation is not available.
If your registration is approved, UNDRR will issue a media accreditation document. The Government of Indonesia will then email you an invitation letter. Please submit both the accreditation document and invitation letter with your visa application if you wish to attend in person in Bali.

Registration and accreditation

Conference badges are essential for all journalists to gain access to the Global Platform venue. Only one badge is needed to cover all GP2022 sessions for the duration of the conference.
Only confirmed members of the press will receive media accreditation. With your media registration application, please prepare to submit one of the following to support your application:

  • A letter of engagement from a certified media house;
  • A membership card from a national journalist or media union; or
  • Examples of articles, stories, radio or video coverage from within the last twelve (12) months.

Main contact for press enquiries:undrrcomms@un.org