Stakeholders are critical for reducing disaster risk

A coherent and all-of-society approach to disaster risk reduction, climate change and sustainable development is vital

The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction is the leading vehicle of the international community for wide-ranging and comprehensive discussions on disaster risk reduction. The Platform is characterized by a format that facilitates dialogue and exchange across all stakeholders, governments and the UN system. Wide stakeholder engagement in the Global Platform improves coherence and is essential to ensure an integrated approach to risk-informed sustainable development. UNDRR and the Government of Indonesia committed to enabling an inclusive and accessible seventh session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction.



Stakeholders engagement in GP2022

The Global Platform for Disaster Risk reduction (GP2022) has been organized in an inclusive, consultative, and open manner. Wide stakeholder consultation and participation in the Global Platform has been encouraged, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility by all stakeholder groups. The engagement of stakeholder groups in the GP2022 has been facilitated through the UNDRR Stakeholder Engagement Mechanism (SEM).

The UNDRR-SEM creates an open and structured avenue for close engagement of stakeholders with UNDRR and in the implementation of the Sendai Framework. The key functions of the SEM are to enable an inclusive and broad movement for the Sendai Framework across all actors in society, influence policy design and implementation, strengthen citizen-led and social accountability mechanisms, and promote coordination and harmonization between different stakeholder groups, including for their interaction with the United Nations, Member States, Parliamentarians and other governmental organizations.

Closing the Gap between DRR S&T Knowledge and Practice at Local Levels